Where are our customers?

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Where are our customers?

Every Minute with PRMI It’s great to think back to the years before the housing market crashed in 07′ and remember the amount of business we had. Customers lined up to purchase, refinance, times were great.

Many believe we can never get back to those days…or can we?

Its all a matter of market share. Yes, there is less business, consumer confidence is not where it was and credit is not readily available. So it’s not abundant business its just enough business. However, if we capture more market share, a bigger part of the pie we can still create our own influx of good business.

At Primary Residential Mortgage, we believe that it takes a team effort to get the best results. We know that if we can help those who do business with us grow their business we will also benefit from that growth. We do this by sharing what we know with our peers, with the realtors and individuals who trust in us to get their clients financing.

One of the most important changes we have made has to do with the changes in how we communicate with our customers. Customers still love to know that we are here for them and that they can hear us on the other side of the phone. However with changes in where our customers are we have to add new ways to reach them.

The illustration you see on this post shows just that, where are customers are. Every 60 seconds there are 2 million google searches, over 2 million posts on facebook, 72 hours of video uploaded to youtube and these are just a few of the many places. Places on the world wide web, where you will find yourself, where you will find everyone, where you will find our customer is too!

Knowing how to show up on these searches by your prospective clients or how to give customer service to current ones though these avenues is the thing of the future which is now. We understand this, we have learned about it and we share this with you, with our peers.

We want to be the mortgage company that goes above and beyond to grow our business. Our customer always gets the great customer service experience, we have an extremely strong array of programs and we have the power of a nationwide lender in your locally in your back yard. Let us share our experience with you, so that you too can appreciate a larger piece of the market share and an abundance of business while working with one of the leading mortgage lenders in our business.

Contact us bellow for more on how we can help you grow or if you simply have the need to be part of a great team of mortgage pros!



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