Documentation Checklist

Loan Shopper’s Documentation Checklist

The following list outlines the type of information you’ll generally need to present when you apply for a loan. Your lender will tell you specifically what to bring.


    • Employers’ names and addresses for last two years (include dates of employment and gross monthly income)
    • W-2s for last two years and pay stub(s) for last 30 days


If self-employed:

  • Year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet prepared and signed by an accountant and you
  • Signed tax returns for the last two reporting years
  • Supporting documentation for any other income


  • Gift letter (if applicable)
  • Last three months’ bank statements for the following
    • Checking and savings accounts
    • Credit unions
    • Security accounts (stocks, bonds, life insurance, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.)

Liabilities(usually taken from credit report)

Current names, addresses, account number, and balances for:

  • Present creditors (car loans, charge accounts, student loans, etc.). Must also indicate creditors not on credit report.
  • Present mortgage lender (last 12 months’ cancelled mortgage checks and most recent statement)
  • Present landlord (last 12 months’ cancelled rent checks)

Documents, if applicable, related to the following (with letter explaining circumstances):

    • Judgments. Provide copy of release/satisfaction


  • Bankruptcy. Provide copies of:
    • Schedule of Bankruptcy (list of creditors)
    • Discharge of Bankruptcy
  • Other delinquent credits of record


  • Fully executed contract of sale for subject property (purchase only)
  • Fully executed contract of sale of present home (if being sold)
  • Schedule of real estate owned, copies of rental agreement (leases only), and signed tax returns for the past two reporting years.


  • Addresses of residences for the last two years and landlord contact information
  • If you were a full-time student at any time in the past two years, a copy of your diploma or transcripts
  • Social Security Number and Photo ID (State/Federal issued). Can use green card if applicable.
  • Check for the application fee (if required)
  • Copy of Divorce Decree (if applicable)
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved in the transaction
  • Copy of current mortgage statement, loan #, and creditor name (if applicable)

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